Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Projects in the mix (2)!

Right now I have two projects looming over my head with anticipation to get started/complete.

My special Lady friend has this ugly couch:

I think it cost her $50. If you haven't noticed the giraffe print, she is kinda addicted so we picked up teal giraffe print upholstery fabric, and teal textured vinyl.... oh lordy its gonna be great! If i sit in it with a purple shirt and black pants I might teleport back to 1991 and show up in my puffy AStar jacket.

Also on the books, I saw this from a magazine:

and seriously love it, and for some reason I feel that I purchased a pattern for it ages ago. Regardless I quickly sketched up a jacket with the DK thing in mind

An assymetrical back opening that corset-closes in the back. Not totally sure how the front is going to end up.

Check back to see if I actually start any of these projects, and if they actually turn out like we all hope they will.

If you have inspiration how do you get started even though all the details aren't worked out yet?


Why has it been so long Man?

Because I absolutely LOVE my new job.

I was hired a little over 2 months ago as a graphic designer for a small agency that focuses on legal situations, i.e. court rooms, trial, mediations etc.

What's great about it is the sheer conceptual nature of the beast. Taken complex situations or ideas (think insurance fraud, or intellectual property) and distilling them into understandable visual elements. The position is not too artistic, but the thought and conceptual driven nature of the position is inspiring.

Also the job is super schizophrenic when it comes to scheduling. One day I'll be in the office till 1 in the morning, and the next be done at 2 pm. I find out three days in advance if I need to travel, sometimes less, and each day I come to work, there is always a hint of unexpected. It's amazing.

So I apologize for being preoccupied, but I'm learning the ropes, committing to the job and learning how to find time for all my other activities (the sun is finally coming out in Oregon).

Oh and I bought a new motorcycle. 2001 Ducati 748, nope not fast at all :)

Expect more soon