Monday, July 25, 2011

Makin' Pillows, yo

Boss lady got an amazing! fabric swatch from marimekko and asked if I could make some pillows to go with her pewter gray couch. Of Course!

Unfortunately there wasn't enough fabric to go all the way around the ikea pillows so I picked up some faux microsuede that was almost brown but woven with a purple that really brought the swatch together.

All I did was cut a square just an inch bigger than the sides of the pillow, and put in an invisible zipper on one edge. 

I think they came out fantastic, and i'll put in a pic as soon as I can get one of them in their new home.

Projects like these are easy and simple ways to get the handle on sewing; straight lines, corners, and zippers.

Need more detail about pillow making? Shoot me an email if there were some parts that didn't make sense.