Friday, January 20, 2012

New Jacket Pattern Equals New Jacket

It must have been a Month ago that I started in on a new jacket sloper (what you call a basic pattern in the Biz, just sayin...) and I have finally gotten around to putting it to good use.

Due to some recent fabric organizing, I've been able to find new hope and lust for fabrics I thought once gone and lost. Like a bold yellow plaid and a docile fuchsia ripstop I have no idea why I bought in the first place. I made some piping with the ripstop using, I think, 1/8th" cord and cutting on the bias so it would move better when sewn around corners.

I copied the hood from a favorite comfy sweatshirt I had lying around and mounted it in place of a collar. after stitching the piping around the zippered edge I sewed in the lining, checked for fit, and sewed up the cuffs. Simple, really; except for the part about lining up the back piped seams with the sleeve piped seams, that was a bear.
First the outside fabric, then the piping, finally the zipper.
Love the curve around the edge of the hood.
It took a few tries to get the fit just right, but I'm very happy with the final results. I had experimented with some fuchsia patch pockets on the front, but it made the jacket look like a 4th grade class project, so I removed them and stitched a nice off center squarish thingy on the top, above the chest. I'm glad I spent the time to line up the piped seams as well, bring some nice contrast to the overwhelming pattern.

In the end, the pattern isn't the best I've made, and will most likely have a few more rounds of styles before I'm happy with a consistent sloper (see above) to add to my permanent collection.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Organize, organize

It has been a while since I've posted, and part of that is due to my overwhelming mountain of fabric that seems to build daily.

The mound has become a weak link in my creativity path; it hinders my ability to think of the individual parts, the different fabrics, and makes me focus on the whole, a scary pile.

I've recently set out to organize and catalog this disaster in hopes of improving my recognition of what's available, as well as purge the mound of things I've never used, or thought of using in many years. As you can see, with the tornado escaping into the hallway, I've definitely got some work cut out for me.

The only thing organized is my thread...

So far I've managed to purge quite a few things I had grand, ornate ideas for; luckily, and with a bit of curating, those designs never came to fruition.

So now that I've begun to catalog and establish what I have, with ideas of WHAT it is I plan to do with them, the creativity will flow a little smoother as I prepare for the next creation... hopefully.

How big is your fabric pile?