Monday, February 13, 2012

The Finished Neoprene Avenger Suit

The second jacket, ya'know, the one with the Neoprene lining that was intentionally for the yellow shell... I finally finished. I think I said it would be done a few days ago, ugh, things always take longer than I assume. I spent some extra time making sure seams lined up and diamonds were where they were supposed to be, and I'm very happy I did.

The jacket seams are PUFFY, the neoprene is so thick and it doesn't press, so around the collar and hood I decided to topstitch it down and have a nice seam. The upside to the stitch is it made the edge a lot firmer so it holds its shape better. I ended up not stitching around the rest, I like the way it muffin-tops around the zipper.

It's the exact same shape as the yellow version, just that I had to add extra seam allowance to give room for the thick lining. This jacket is WARM, dang; I could only spend a few minutes moving around indoors to take pictures before I really started to heat up. It is so fitted, and with an insulating fabric things get toasty in a hurry.

I'll finish off here with another glamour shot; as I mentioned after finishing the yellow jacket, I'm not super happy with my pattern so I'll be re-fashioning one until I'm satisfied and can make it a permanent pattern for my collection. I need to re-work the sleeve caps, and I prefer to not have the side panel, instead, a solid front with darts and pleats, and it needs a horizontal seam on the back between the shoulders.

Thanks for checking in. Any fellas out there sewing their Valentines a gift this year?


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