Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Lessons, and Sewing Neoprene

For those of you who remember, my last jacket turned out pretty good (unexpectedly); what most of you don't know is that I had much different outcome for it originally. I had picked up this pretty stellar Neoprene, scuba-suit-esque, material for the liner. Well, folks, that stuff is thick; and with the lining inside my fitted jacket shell, I looked more like the Michelin Man than the Masked Avenger of Home-Made Goods (gosh, what a lame character).

So instead of one, I will have two jackets, one with the original lining, and the one I've already finished, with the original shell. Lucky for me that meant fabric shopping, because even though it might not look like it, I'm running out of good fabrics.

In the opening shot, is me going cross-eyed trying to line up some diagonal pockets with two conflicting geometric grid patterns and a zipper, wonk! I should have this baby all sewn up soon and post the finished product in a day or two.

Check in for the final fitting.



  1. Having worked with neoprene before I will say that it can be done :-) And I love the fabric you chose...

    1. What did you make? scuba suit!? I want to see

    2. Sadly, they were dog coats for a sewing company I worked for. Nothing nearly as cool as your project.

  2. As a beginner at sewing my own clothes I love your stuff. Hope I can do stuff like this some day.

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