Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Dress Initial Sketches

Getting some initial sketches on paper, and presenting them with inspiration images really helped guide the conversation to what the goal was and helped (I'm hoping) the bride to be visualize the dress.

Putting my ideas to paper has always been a struggle for me, but every time I have better sketches, the smoother the process goes.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holy S#!t I'm Making A Wedding Dress

Some CRAZY LADY! asked me to make her wedding dress, I know right!? Drawing and concepting stage is done and over, a shape has been agreed upon, I'm thrilled with what she chose.

The next step is pattern-making. I've scrounged up some muslin to build out the dress and make sure shaping and my measurements are correct. Since I'm a fan of measure once, screw up horribly and start over, this time around I'll try and not waste generous amounts of lovely silk and lace.

Check back for updates, screw-ups and alcohol consumption. This will be a long haul, with a party bus in tow.


holy s#!t I'm about to make a wedding dress